Cluster Advisory Group

Advisory Group includes representation from schools, Special Education and the Board of Trustees.  We have tried to include Principals from each of the various Principal groups and associations from around the Cluster. 

The Cluster Advisory Group includes: (Toolkit Page 10)

  • The employing Tumuaki/Principal
  • The Cluster Manager
  • A Representative of the employing Board of Trustees
  • A local Special Education manager
  • RTLB – elected RTLB representative from the Cluster
  • A representative of early childhood education
  • Representatives from cluster kura/schools, for example from primary, intermediate, secondary, area, integrated kura/school settings
  • Representatives from iwi, Maori and Pasifika parents, families/Whanau communities

 Job description:  (Toolkit Page 10)

  • Support and advise cluster manager and employing board of trustees.
  •  Assure RTLB practice accords with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • Ensure Ka Hikitia-related targets are developed within the cluster and achieved.
  •  Ensure that Pasifika education plan targets are developed and achieved within cluster.
  • Inform development of the cluster 20 strategic plan.
  • Provide feedback about RTLB service delivery and other RTLB matters.
  • Involvement with appointments of Cluster Manager and RTLB staff as appropriate.

Reporting: (Toolkit Page 10)

  • Provide a report each school term to the Lead Kura/School Board of Trustees
  • Monitor annual targets for service delivery
  • Ensure the cluster is meeting the needs of the cluster kura/schools according to the needs analysis and strategic plan



RTLB Cluster Advisory Group Rotorua Lakes High School 2012

Bruce Walker                     Rotorua Lakes High School                           Secondary Principal/Lead School

Helen Tarei                         Rotorua Lakes High School                           BOT Representative/Whanau

Tracy Fraser                        Rotorua Lakes High School                           Manager RTLB

Shaaron Piatek                  Malfroy Primary School                                                 RTLB Representative

Mahalia Paewai                Acting District Manager                                                 Rotorua Special Education

Patricia McGee                 Lake Rerewhakaaitu School                         Principal/Rural

Peter Moyle                       Taupo Nui-A-Tia College                               Principal Taupo/Turangi Secondary

Helen Malcolm                  Waipahihi School                                              Principal Taupo/Turangi Primary

Para Meha                   Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Rotoiti           Principal Rotorua/Kura

Dawn Mitai-Pehi              Rangitahi College                                             Principal Area School Murupara

Mandy Bird                         Murupara Primary School                             Principal Primary Murupara                          

Nicky Brell                           Malfroy Primary School                                 Principal Primary Rotorua

Gayle Pierce                       Early Childhood Education                            Taupo

Oriana Lemon                    TKKM o Hurungaterangi                                                Rotorua




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