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Year 0 - 10 Learning Suppport Funding (LSF):Guidelines for Allocation and Use.

The Learning Support Fund supports interventions developed collaboratively with RTLB, targeting students in Year 0-10. It must be used equitably and can be used innovatively (RTLB Toolkit, Ministry of Education)

The Allocation of Learning Support Funding: 

  • is linked to need identified by the RTLB data gathering process
  • occurs in the context of a conversation between RTLB and the school-with an application for LSF coming from that conversation
  • is responsive - with regular referral and allocation meetings

Professional Practice:RTLB will

    • share innovative ways of using the LSF within and across clusters
    • choose interventions that up-skill teachers and that minimize reliance on Teacher Aides 
    • Collect pre and post measures that demonstrate the effectiveness of the intervention
    • Monitor the use of the Learning Support Fund. 


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